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Being accused of a criminal offense has the potential to impact all aspects of your life. Depending on the charge, you could be facing significant fines, jail time, probation, and the stigma of a conviction. These consequences can jeopardize your job or career, your family, your social connections, and your freedom. Taking steps to protect your future and that of your family by securing skilled legal counsel immediately is essential.

Backed by substantial criminal law experience, the Roanoke criminal defense attorneys at Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers, PC are well-equipped to defend your rights. Our team includes a former prosecutor as well as a former Public Defender who both spent years handling cases on both sides of the courtroom in the Virginia criminal justice system. This knowledge and experience brings invaluable insight and resources to the building of an aggressive defense strategy designed to seek your best possible outcome. That may be a case dismissal, a reduction in charges, restoration of driving privileges, or probation depending on the facts and specific circumstances of the charges, the prosecution, and the available defense options.

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Criminal Charges in Virginia

An effective defense in any criminal matter often requires finding the weakness in the prosecutor’s case against you. Was a traffic stop unjustified? Is the credibility of a witness questionable? Is the evidence against you inadmissible? In a nutshell, we work to determine the prosecution’s case for a conviction by uncovering holes in their arguments. Finding the defects of charges against clients has been proven to be an effective tactic time and again.

At Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers, PC, we represent clients facing all types of criminal offenses, including but not limited to:

We can also help you determine expungement eligibility and pursue an expungement application to prevent a past mistake from harming your future.

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The team at Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers PC consists of legal experts backed by significant experience within their chosen practice areas. No matter what legal matters you are facing, this is the team you want on your side.

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  • A Well Established Reputation Within the Community
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  • Boutique Firm Approach, Large Firm Experience
  • All of Our Attorneys Have Strong Backgrounds & Industry Experience
  • Over 30 Years of Experience

The Importance of Criminal Defense Representation

Whether you are being investigated or have already been formally charged for a crime, you will have investigators, prosecutors, and law enforcement working against you in any criminal matter. Their combined effort is to bring about a conviction that will not only affect your immediate future but can have a negative impact long-term. A criminal conviction can be easily discovered on a routine background check. That means future employers, landlords, professional license agencies, educational institutions, and more can access the information. This can hinder future opportunities for which you might otherwise have been qualified.

Fighting back to preserve your future in the most effective manner is paramount. Our team understands the high stakes involved in criminal matters which is why we zealously fight for you throughout your case. We can thoroughly investigate every aspect of your arrest, carefully plan your defense strategy, and prepare and aggressively represent you at trial.

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You should never speak to the police without first talking to an attorney, If you have been arrested or are under investigation for a crime, contact us to discuss your situation in a free, initial consultation.

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