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Your Situation Is Unique

Instead of using solutions from the past, we believe in CREATING NEW SOLUTIONS based on your unique needs today.

Guiding by Experience

EXPERIENCE isn’t about looking in the past. It’s about learning from the past to help our clients be more successful today.

We believe Communication

is a two-way street, where the listening is at least as important as the talking.

Being Responsive

     is all about timeliness. Today’s problems need today’s solutions, not tomorrow’s.

Dedication . . .

is about putting everything one has “mind, body, and soul” to accomplish the task at hand.

Knowledge is earned

      through hard work, careful STUDY, and an unquenchable thirst for learning.
MGLSPC provides InfoServe with a wide array of legal services.  Their lawyers understand our business needs and actively manage all of our legal needs from incorporation to contract management.  They are trustworthy and competent. Jim Rieflin

President, InfoServe

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