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A theft or shoplifting charge could ruin your entire career before it’s even started. If you have been charged with theft or shoplifting, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights.

At Magee Goldstein Lasky and Sayers, PC, our team understands the legal system and how to effectively handle your case.

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Consequences of a Theft Conviction in Virginia

First-offense theft or shoplifting charges can be felonies if the item(s) stolen are worth more than $200. Even if the value is less than $200, prosecutors still seriously take misdemeanor charges.

A conviction on your criminal record can significantly impact your future. Mr. Jason Wolfrey and Ms. Chelesea Vaughan will guide you through your case by providing honest advice about your situation and what options may be available to find the best outcome.

Helping Our Clients Explore All Their Legal Options

Theft charges can result in serious consequences. Every case is different and needs to be evaluated by legal counsel. Our team will provide the aggressive representation you need after facing criminal charges involving larceny.

Mr. Wolfrey and Ms. Vaughan are experienced lawyers who will provide a strong theft defense or shoplifting defense. Our knowledge of the legal system and experience handling these cases on both sides of the courtroom gives us unique insight into your case.

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