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Protecting Individuals & Families in Family Abuse Cases

Unfortunately, domestic violence impacts many individuals and families across the United States. In Virginia, laws have been established that make it a crime to engage in or attempt to engage in acts of family or household violence, Additionally, it is a crime to violate protective orders (restraining orders) issued by family courts to protect abused individuals and their children against these acts and threats.

No one should have to endure any type of violence in the safety of their own homes. Where this occurs, you have legal rights that can be used to protect you and any children from such abuse. At Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers, PC, our family law attorneys can provide the guidance and representation you need in any domestic violence situation. If you have been victimized in this way or if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, you can turn to us for experienced, compassionate, and skilled help. Our firm is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals and families throughout the greater Roanoke area.

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What Is Domestic Violence in Virginia?

Domestic violence is defined under Virginia lawas the following:

  • “assault and battery against a family or household member”
  • “malicious wounding or unlawful wounding”
  • “aggravated malicious wounding”
  • “malicious bodily injury”
  • “strangulation”

Under Virginia law, anyone committing domestic violence in a first offense can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. Family or household members in such cases include spouses, former spouses, children, parents, and any other relatives living together, unmarried parents who share a child, and any persons living together to who have done so within the past year.

Individuals who have been subject to family violence can seek a preliminary protective order from the court. This can be done without the presence or notice to the abuser in order to provide immediate protection. The protective order becomes effective as soon as the abuser is served the order and stays in effect until a court hearing can be held. At the hearing where both sides can present their case, the court will decide whether a final protective order should be issued which can be in effect for up to two years.

What Does a Protective Order Do?

Protective orders can provide the following safeguards and relief for victims of domestic violence:

  • Order the abuser to stop any further abuse or threats of abuse
  • Order the abuser to stop making any contact with the victim or other household members
  • Grant the victim possession of the family home or order the abuser to provide housing for the victim and other household members
  • Grant the victim possession of a vehicle
  • Order the abuser to provide or restore utilities
  • Grant any other services or relief that the court finds appropriate

It is important to understand that a history of domestic violence on the part of a parent can also impact child custody and visitation. An abusive parent may lose joint custody and only be granted supervised visitation or, in the most serious cases, may face a termination of parental rights.

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Domestic violence is a serious family law matter. If you have suffered any type of abuse in your household, our firm can help prevent that abuse through legal action. If you have been wrongly accused of such abuse due to the ulterior motives of the other party, we can defend you in court. Get the benefit of the extensive experience our attorneys have in family law as well as criminal law to protect you and fight for your well-being.

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