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Drug charges are not taken lightly by prosecutors. Your future is on the line if you have been arrested for a drug offense. Aggressive representation can make sure your rights and your future are protected. At Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers, PC, he represents individuals in Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and the surrounding areas who are facing drug possession and drug distribution charges.

You need a Roanoke drug possession attorney you can trust when your future is at risk. Personal representation and attention to detail set Magee Goldstein Lasky & Sayers, PC apart from the rest. Our team will sit down with you, and discuss your charges and your account of what happened.

Your case needs to be carefully evaluated so all factors are taken into account when preparing your defense. You may be eligible to enter a deferred program if this is the first time you are charged with drug possession.

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Your Case Deserves Diligent Preparation & Guidance

It is important to work with a lawyer who understands how these programs work and who is eligible to make sure you are getting the best outcome in your case — we have the experience and knowledge to protect you.

Your attorney will gather all evidence in your case to develop an effective defense strategy. We understand criminal law and how evidence may impact criminal charges. All options will be explored in order to find the best resolution to protect your future.

We have experience representing individuals, including college students charged with drug crimes, involving the following illegal and legal substances and drug paraphernalia:

  • Marijuana
  • Ecstasy
  • Prescription drugs like Adderall

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A reputable drug possession lawyer in Roanoke known for getting results can go a long way in your defense.

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