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Insolvency Litigation

More times than not, a financially-distressed entity ends up in litigation. We have substantial experience in bankruptcy and commercial litigation. Because the insolvency process is often adversarial, when negotiation, arbitration, or mediation does not result in a resolution (which is rare), we are committed to litigating our clients’ claims to a satisfactory conclusion. Even during litigation, we constantly assess the merits of our clients’ case and look for opportunities to resolve the dispute by agreement – usually a much less expensive and more productive process.

The Litigation Group represents both individuals and businesses through all types of commercial and personal conflicts before, during, and after litigation.

Any type of litigation can be a drain on a client’s resources. Litigation often distracts people from the most important matters in their lives, such as their families, their property, or their work. In many cases, the primary goal is to avoid litigation. In those cases, we help our clients explore all of the possibilities for staying out of the courtroom.

Unfortunately, for many people or their businesses, however, litigation is unavoidable, either because they have been sued or because a lawsuit is the only option for protecting a vital personal or business interest. If litigation is unavoidable, we make it our business to learn about our clients’ wants and needs, understand their legal and other issues, and advise them about the effect litigation may have on their business or family. We then blend that personal knowledge with our legal expertise to craft the optimal plan of action. By acquiring an intimate personal knowledge of our clients’ circumstances we can represent them more effectively from start to finish.

To provide these services to our clients, we have knowledgeable and aggressive, yet compassionate, lawyers with many years of experience. We are admitted to practice in federal and state courts including the United States Supreme Court, United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, United States District Courts, United States Bankruptcy Courts, the Supreme Court of Virginia, and Virginia General District and Circuit Courts.