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Commercial Real Estate, Securities, Taxation

Commercial Real Estate, Securities, Taxation

Led by Richard R. Sayers, the Real Estate, Securities, and Tax Group helps clients navigate the many pitfalls and opportunities related to real estate, securities, and tax issues. Our team is well versed in resolving the myriad of problems that can arise in the acquisition, sale and financing of all types of commercial and multi-family properties, including the resultant tax ramifications of such transactions.


Real Estate

Commercial property has brought opportunity, wealth, and satisfaction for entrepreneurial and seasoned clients who depend on our firm to guide them through the maze of legal and business issues that arise along the way.

In every aspect of the real estate cycle, we represent buyers, sellers, and developers of all kinds of commercial real estate, including retail properties, healthcare facilities, office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, warehouses, manufacturing plants, apartment complexes, condominiums and raw land for development. Sophisticated real estate investors need legal counsel with the expertise and experience gained from many years of practice – and a record of successful ventures.

Our team guides clients and interprets even the most complicated local, state, and federal laws and regulations affecting real estate transactions. We are well versed in all facets of real estate law, from conception through financing to closing, including an extensive knowledge of title issues, condemnation, escrow arrangements, eminent domain, taxes, insurance, land use, zoning, securities, and other issues central to the successful purchase or sale of commercial real estate. From the preparation of the contracts and supporting documents to the consummation of the most sophisticated transactions, such as 1031 exchanges, low-income housing tax credits, and conservation easements, our team is ready to provide the services required for a successful closing.

Securities and Taxation

MGLS also assists individuals, businesses, non-profits, and other legal entities in understanding their rights and obligations under federal and state securities and tax laws. From issuing, selling, acquiring, and transferring securities in public or private transactions to making complex decisions that will have tax implications on our clients and their businesses, our team helps our clients make more informed decisions that protect their interests. Capitalizing on our extensive experience in guiding clients through the technical and difficult process of offering and selling all forms of securities at the federal and state levels, we are able to provide our clients with the specialized expertise needed to navigate the unwieldy and extensive rules and regulations governing the securities industry.

We are also adept at handling various tax issues that arise in owning, operating and growing a business. From the formation of a tax-exempt entity to addressing the tax consequences arising from the sale of assets, our team is attentive to our clients’ potential exposure and risks of unwanted tax liability.