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Protect Your Ideas Through Copyright And Trademark

Creating anything new takes effort and hard work, and that goes for thoughts and ideas, as well. Copyright protects individuals and companies when they express their ideas in a tangible way, such as through writings or drawings. Trademark protects a symbol that represents your product.

Most people associate copyright with authors, musicians and artists, but other people and businesses benefit from copyrights every day. The law protects original writings by a person or business, as well as architectural drawings. If you think someone may be infringing on your creation, you should speak to an attorney right away.

At Magee, Goldstein, Lasky and Sayers PC, we can help you defend your intellectual property through copyright and trademark law. We can also explain to you in more detail what you can copyright and what you cannot. The law does contain exceptions and copyrights can expire. Please note that we do not handle patent cases.

How Do Copyright Protections Work?

Once you understand whether protections apply to your work, you may wonder what that means. The law protects you from other people doing any of the following with your work:

  • Copy or reproduce
  • Selling copies or duplicates
  • Deriving other material based on your work
  • Perform or display publicly

If you discover someone else is using your intellectual property without your permission, contact us right away to help you assert your legal rights. We understand the importance of protecting your intellectual property.

What Is A Trademark?

People often have questions regarding what exactly a trademark is and how it differs from a copyright. A trademark is a sign or symbol associated with a particular product to identify the source of the product. If someone else uses your trademark symbol, you may be able to sue them for trademark infringement. Such infringement confuses customers and threatens your hard-earned reputation.

Trademarks must be registered with a federal registry in order to be protected across the country. You may register the trademark only within the state of Virginia, or choose not to register your trademark at all, but you will have limited legal protections if another individual or company uses your trademark. If you need help registering your trademark, or if someone else has infringed on your registered trademark, contact Magee, Goldstein, Lasky and Sayers PC for assistance right away.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

Talk to an attorney at Magee, Goldstein, Lasky and Sayers PC about how to protect your intellectual property. Call our Roanoke office at 540-343-9800 or fill out our online form.


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