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Strong And Dedicated Defense Against Reckless Driving Charges

Quite often, reckless driving charges stem from allegations of speeding. To challenge a reckless driving citation, a successful defense attorney will look closely at proof of speeding or other alleged wrong actions by a driver. In some cases, achieving a lower reported speed will result in reduced charges of improper driving — or dismissed charges altogether.

Whatever you think now about your reckless driving case in the New River Valley area, talk to an experienced traffic violations defense attorney. Schedule a no-obligation consultation with attorney Jason V. Wolfrey and learn how Magee, Goldstein, Lasky and Sayers PC can help protect your rights.

A reckless driving conviction can have many negative consequences, including:

  • Large fines and fees
  • A harmful citation on your driving record, with accompanying stigma and potential limitations for job options in the future
  • Potential loss of your commercial driver’s license (CDL) or another’s driver’s license, depending on your previous record
  • Increased auto insurance costs

As a former prosecutor, attorney Jason V. Wolfrey is one step ahead of the other side when he represents drivers charged with serious traffic violations in Virginia, such as reckless driving. He knows what effective defense is like — and he knows what defective prosecution is like. His experience allows him to see holes in the prosecution’s case and use that insight to his client’s advantage.

Contact A Skillful And Experienced Christiansburg Lawyer Representing Drivers Cited With Christiansburg Traffic Tickets

From law offices in Christiansburg and Roanoke, we serve clients from many area communities, including Blacksburg and Radford. Reckless driving? Attorney Jason V. Wolfrey zealously and defends drivers accused of traffic violations in Montgomery County, Pulaski County, Botetourt County and Giles County. Call or email the law offices to schedule a no-obligation consultation regarding your drunk driving arrest, reckless driving citation or reckless endangerment charges.