Steps to Take After a DUI Strong Legal Defense Your Case Requires

Steps to Take After a DUI

You have rights. If you are suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Virginia. It is important to understand those rights and why you need to contact an attorney as soon as possible to protect your future.

Aggressive Representation. Honest Advice.

Jason V. Wolfrey is a former prosecutor and Chelesea Vaughan is an experienced public defender. They understand how prosecutors think and what options are available when defending clients against DUI charges. Your attorney will be honest and upfront about your situation. We bring knowledge and experience that has helped us gain a reputation for striving for a favorable outcome for every client and will not sugarcoat your options. Since DUI charges are taken very seriously, you need an aggressive lawyer who gives your case the attention and respect it deserves.

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How Virginia Laws Could Affect Your DUI Case

Mr. Wolfrey and Ms. Vaughan represents individuals facing all types of DUI charges and will carefully evaluate your situation to create a solid defense strategy.

Our firm will:

  • carefully evaluate your situation.
  • review police reports and lab reports.
  • develop a strong defense.

Every case is unique, and depends on what happened during your arrest, your blood alcohol content tests, and other various factors.

We will guide you through your case, so you know what to expect. A strong DUI defense can go a long way in protecting your future and preserving your driving privileges.

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