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Knowledgeable Legal Counsel In The Budding Cannabis Industry

Launching a business in the recently invigorated and long-suppressed cannabis industry presents an exciting opportunity for Virginia entrepreneurs. However, this industry is loaded with legal complications and regulatory snags that can cause legal headaches for even the sharpest business minds. This is especially true in Virginia, where state law conflicts with federal law as it relates to marijuana.

Attorney Mark Tyson Daniel of Magee, Goldstein, Lasky and Sayers PC in Roanoke, assists clients at every stage of launching and operating businesses within the emerging cannabis industry. We work with cannabis clients that handle a wide range of roles, including:

  • Land acquisition: whether buying or leasing
  • Soil testing: testing soil for heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotoxins
  • Permits: steering individuals through the permit process to grow, process or sell cannabis products
  • Agribusiness: exposing cannabis entrepreneurs to best practices in farming and harvesting, including contracts and the acquisition of genetics (seeds and clones)
  • Processing and manufacturing: helping clients stay within legal boundaries
  • Marketing and distribution: providing guidance regarding labeling, packaging and wholesale contracts with retailers
  • Retailing: addressing legal boundaries regarding point-of-sale issues

We Are Here To Help You Grow

Our attorneys assist cannabis businesses at every stage and in every capacity. We advise clients on what to do, how to respond, who to call and what steps are necessary to achieve their goals.

In addition to extensive criminal defense experience, including work as a public defender, attorney Tyson Daniel has formed several of his own companies and raised significant capital. He knows what it takes to start and successfully operate a business. Tyson also understands the risks and consequences when entrepreneurs and business leaders are less than diligent, especially in a highly regulated industry such as the cannabis industry.

Our Knowledge And Experience Protect You

At this early developmental stage of the cannabis industry both statewide and nationally, the competition is fierce and the pace of change is frenetic. In addition, the industry is tightly regulated. it is important to work with lawyers who understand the nuances of both the plant (i.e. hemp versus marijuana) as well as the differences in Virginia and federal laws.

State and federal laws have legalized the cultivation, possession and distribution of hemp for any legal purpose. Meanwhile, Virginia’s “Let Doctors Decide” law allows limited distribution of marijuana-derived THC-A and marijuana-derived CBD to individuals who have qualified and registered by way of a regulatory scheme supervised by the Virginia Board of Pharmacy. Currently, no smokable flower is allowed.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding cannabis business issues and assist in your efforts, no matter what stage you are at. Call 540-343-9800 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.