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Launching a business in the cannabis industry presents an exciting opportunity for Virginia entrepreneurs. However, this industry is loaded with legal complications and regulatory snags that can cause legal headaches for even the sharpest business minds. This is especially true in Virginia, where state law conflicts with federal law as it relates to marijuana. We make it our goal to not only understand your business's specific objectives but to make sure they are met.

We work with cannabis clients that are interested in the following industries:

  • Cultivation
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesaling
  • Retail

To find out more about how our cannabis lawyers in Virginia can help, contact our firm today.

Regulatory Compliance

Our firm provides complete regulatory compliance advice for your business, no matter if you are in cultivation, manufacturing, or retail. While Virginia's regulatory agency, the Virginia Cannabis Control Authority (VCCA), will be establishing regulations over the next few months, our top priority will be learning how they apply specifically to your business. We will work on your business plan to ensure that it meets all of Virginia's requirements and implement industry-specific best practices. We understand that not only must you be compliant with federal and state law, but you must also abide by local regulations and zoning ordinances. We will provide comprehensive advice that takes your business's location into account and handles locality-specific issues that may arise.

Risk management is also a large part of this industry, given the current conflicts between federal and state law. Our attorneys are knowledgeable on how these conflicts can affect your business and even you personally. We take risk management very seriously and will advise on how to best protect yourself and your business.

Whether you are in cultivation, manufacturing, or retail, you need to focus on running and operating your business – leave the compliance to us!

Application Process

While applications are not available just yet, our firm will be handling all cannabis business licensing from A to Z. We will know all the application components required for cultivation, wholesale, manufacturing, and retail licenses and will walk you through the entire process. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about Virginia's specific timetables, deadlines, and requirements. We are also able to assist your businesses in drafting the related legal documents that will be needed to complete your application. We will file your application and provide any additional representation that may be needed during the application process, including administrative hearings. The application process will be highly competitive since there are caps on the number of licenses available. While no one can guarantee that a business will be granted a license, we use our expertise to ensure that our clients have the greatest chance of success in being licensed.

We Are Here to Help You Grow

Our attorneys assist cannabis businesses at every stage of their business development. We advise start-up businesses on comprehensive legal and regulatory compliance from advertising to building specifications to standard operating procedures to everything in between. In addition, we are able to provide ongoing legal and regulatory compliance with Virginia law as it changes and adapts to the industry landscape.

Our Knowledge & Experience Protect You

At this early developmental stage of the cannabis industry, both statewide and nationally, the competition is fierce and the pace of change is at full tilt. In addition, this is a highly regulated, complex industry. It is important to work with lawyers who understand the nuances of the Virginia application process as well as the differences in state and federal law.

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding cannabis business issues and assist in your efforts, no matter what stage you are at. Our consultations are custom-tailored to your business/license interests and questions.

Below are just a few examples of things that can be discussed:

  • When can I apply for a license?
  • Are there caps on how many licenses will be issued?
  • What licenses are offered and what are the corresponding application requirements?
  • Can I use an internet-based sales platform for my retail?
  • What are zoning requirements for cultivation vs retail?
  • Do I qualify for a Social Equity license?
  • What benefits come with a Social Equity license?
  • Can I trademark my products?
  • Can I vertically integrate (own more than one license)?
  • How do I manage risk and remain in compliance with the differences in federal and state law?
  • Can I open a lounge?
  • How can I be vertically integrated (own more than one license)?
  • What business entity formation is best to operate under?
  • Are there residency requirements?

If you have these or any other questions, book a consultation with our Virginia cannabis law attorneys today! Call (540) 317-3089 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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The current federal Controlled Substances Act, 18 U.S.C. § 801 et seq., prohibits the production, distribution, sale, use, or possession of marijuana. The federal statute provides no exception for medical or other uses authorized or regulated by Virginia law. Our firm only provides advice on how to remain compliant with Virginia law and regulations and will not provide guidance or assistance in violating federal law.

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