Defending Yourself Against Drunk Driving Charges

Everyone in Virginia has made a mistake at some point in their life. However, not all mistakes are treated the same. For example, DUIs are much more serious than traffic offenses, such as speeding or failing to signal. If you were accused of drunk driving, you are probably facing some pretty hefty legal consequences.

What you stand to lose

A DUI conviction has the power to alter the course of your future. You can even face certain repercussions without a conviction. Here is what you stand to lose after a drunk driving arrest:

  • Your driving privileges
  • A clean criminal record
  • Certain employment opportunities

Keeping your license

If you were arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, you can temporarily lose your license even if you are never convicted. If keeping your driving privileges is a priority, you need to be prepared to fight for your license. You should be sure that you understand the many different factors that might affect your case’s outcome. These include:

  • The results of your Breathalyzer, urine or blood test
  • Whether you are over the age of 21
  • If you have previous DUI arrests or convictions
  • Whether there was probable cause for the officer to initiate a traffic stop

You have the rest of your life ahead of you, and protecting your options for the future is a priority. This means that you should be prepared to mount a strong defense to your drunk driving charges in order to minimize possible consequences, such as loss of driving privileges, fines and even jail time. You can learn more about how to do this by visiting our Virginia criminal law website.