Facing a Drug Charge? Be Ready to Protect Your Future

Prosecutors generally treat drug related charges quite seriously in Virginia. This means that if you are facing a drug charge, you could also be facing some severe legal consequences, such as jail time and steep fines. While this may understandably feel overwhelming, it is important for you to consider the benefits of understanding your charges and finding aggressive representation. 

Understanding your charges 

The term drug charges refers to any number of criminal allegations related to illegal drugs, including possession, manufacturing or distribution. You can even be arrested for simply having drug paraphernalia. Some of the drugs you might be arrested for possessing include: 

  • Marijuana 
  • Ecstasy 
  • Prescription drugs, such as Adderall 

Your current legal situation is about much more than just the charge that you are facing. It is important to carefully evaluate all factors, including the circumstances of your arrest and whether you have any prior arrests or convictions. For example, if this is the first time you have been charged with drug possession, you could possibly qualify for a deferred program that could help set you on a path toward a brighter future. 

Whether you intend to seek a deferred program, want to negotiate a plea deal or plan to fight your charges to the fullest extent, you need the right guidance on your side. Even a single drug charge can alter the course of your future, so it is never a good idea to leave things up to chance. If you are ready to learn more about your options, be sure to visit our Virginia criminal law website.