Virginia Tech Basketball Player Charged With Dui

All it takes is a single drunk driving arrest to alter the course of one’s future. Unfortunately, a basketball player for Virginia Tech recently learned this all too well. Tyrece Radford — a starting forward — was recently suspended from participating in all team activities following a DUI arrest.

A police officer claims he noticed a vehicle accelerate very quickly toward a red light shortly after 1 a.m. on Jan. 24, 2021. The driver of the vehicle — Radford – reportedly applied the brakes quickly and stopped before entering the intersection. The officer claims he also noticed that the vehicle’s license plate light was defective, and initiated a traffic stop.

The officer claimed that Radford smelled of alcohol and that he had bloodshot eyes. His speech was also reportedly slurred when he spoke. After failing field sobriety tests, he was arrested and transported to an area police department, where he took a Breathalyzer test. His blood alcohol content was said to be .13%. He was then charged with a DUI as well as a weapons charge for a pistol he allegedly had.

Virginia state law treats DUI charges seriously, so it is important that defendants understand what is at stake. Depending on the situation, a DUI conviction could lead to jail time and fines. Defendants can even lose their driving privileges without a conviction. Taking an early and proactive stance can be wise, which often begins with a thorough review of all charges alongside one’s legal counsel.