Couple Pleads Guilty to Drug Charges Related to Man’s Death

Doctors often must make difficult decisions. With the attention that is currently on prescription opioid use, doctors are often left in a position in which they have to carefully weigh a patient’s needs. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers claim that an out-of-state doctor conspired to illegally distribute prescription opioids in southwest Virginia; both the doctor and his wife recently pleaded guilty to charges related to these claims.

An investigation regarding the couple reportedly started in Feb. 2019. Police say that they discovered several prescriptions, including opioids written by the doctor in the home of a deceased man. They claim that while they were searching the man’s home, both the doctor and his wife arrived. Though the man is a psychiatrist in another state, investigators claim that is it unusual for psychiatrists to prescribe oxycodone.

Following an investigation, officials claim that the man would write prescriptions for patients with the understanding that patients would then share the drugs with the doctor’s wife; the patient, according to law enforcement officers, would then be reimbursed for the cost of the medications. Both the doctor and his wife recently pleaded guilty to a charge of illegally distributing prescription opioids; the doctor also pleaded guilty to making a false statement.

Reports indicate the couple will be sentenced in December. Those who are facing drug charges in Virginia, among other criminal accusations, have difficult, life changing decisions to make. Upon examination of the evidence and consultation with an experienced criminal defense attorney, some may decide that it is in their best interest to plead guilty to the charges against them.