Woman Accused of Drunk Driving After Truck Hits House

The way a person chooses to handle criminal charges can have lasting impacts. In some cases, various options for defending against drunk driving allegations exist that could help accused parties work toward favorable outcomes. Even if a situation looks as if it is stacked against an individual, it is no reason to give up hope.

One woman in Virginia may soon be exploring her available defense options after recently being taken into custody. According to reports, the woman was driving a truck when the vehicle left the roadway and crashed into a house. One person inside the home was lying on a couch when the incident occurred, and the collision reportedly caused him to be thrown across the room. He was taken to the hospital after the incident but apparently did not suffer any major injuries.

The driver of the truck was reported as being a 23-year-old woman. Officers stated that she declined to take a breath test at the time of the incident, but nonetheless, she was taken into custody and is facing charges of driving while intoxicated and reckless driving. It was unclear whether she was still in custody or if she had posted bail at the time of the report.

When facing such a serious predicament, it can seem difficult to see any positive way out. However, anyone accused of a crime is innocent until — and only if — proven guilty in a court of law. This Virginia woman has the right to defend against the drunk driving charges, and gaining reliable information about her defense options may be helpful to her.