DUI: Often Connected to Binge Drinking in College

Hopefully, Virginia college students will soon return to their campuses. Many students often temper their academic stress by making sure they have active social lives. College social life, however, often includes binge drinking. That, in turn, could lead to DUI charges if someone consumes alcohol and then gets behind the wheel of a car to drive.

In addition to relieving stress, college students who drink alcohol often cite similar issues for reasons why they drink. Many say they have a fear of missing out and that they want to experience the excitement other students talk about regarding the college party life. Some say they feel pressured to drink in order to fit in and feel like they belong in a group.

College students who feel socially awkward or shy often say that the effects of alcohol on their bodies helps them feel less inhibited and more confident in a social setting. Binge drinking, however, can place students at risk in many ways. If a student drinks and drives, then gets pulled over in a traffic stop, he or she may wind up in jail and having to call home to tell his or her parents that DUI charges have been filed.

It is also possible that a Virginia college student might be accused of DUI when he or she was not actually intoxicated. It happens, and that is why all students should know their rights and where to seek legal support when necessary. Facing criminal charges can have a negative impact on a college student‘s academic career, as well as his or her personal life and even employment. Anyone arrested on suspicion of drunk driving is best served by consulting a criminal defense attorney at the very first opportunity.