You Can Get a DUI From Using Medications or Illicit Drugs

You may not realize it, but it’s not only alcohol that can lead to DUI charges. In fact, any substance that intoxicates you or makes it unsafe for you to drive can lead to DUI charges.

DUI charges have always been referred to as drunk driving charges, but the reality is that you can also be “drunk” on prescription or illicit drugs. Whether you’re taking a prescription opioid or a cough medicine, your ability to drive could be significantly impacted. That could mean that driving is something you should avoid.

What happens if you’re stopped by police for driving dangerously or recklessly?

When you’re stopped by the police, they will take steps to determine if you’re intoxicated, especially if your driving has been erratic. While a Breathalyzer can easily be used to determine if you’re under the influence of alcohol, drugs are a little trickier.

If you’ve taken medications or illicit drugs, you may be asked if you’ve used any drugs or medications prior to getting into your vehicle. Remember that you don’t have to say anything that could result in a charge, so you can choose to say nothing at all in response.

Can officers search the vehicle for drugs or prescription medications?

They may be able to access anything that is in plain sight, but they are not legally allowed to search your vehicle without a warrant or probable cause during a traffic stop.

If you’re accused of a DUI as a result of taking a prescription medication or using illicit drugs, remember that you do have a right to silence and to speak with your attorney if you are placed under arrest.