Virginia Woman Arrested for Dui Following Police Pursuit

Anyone who drives is likely familiar with the panic felt when a police officer is spotted while driving. It is almost instinctual for those in this situation to do a quick assessment to determine if they are breaking any laws — even when they know they are not — when they see a law enforcement officer. The feelings experienced when an officer initiates a stop are even more heightened and could potentially result in an out-of-character response. Unfortunately, police in Virginia report that they have arrested and charged a woman with DUI, among other charges, following a pursuit.

Officers claim that the incident began during the afternoon hours of a day in August. An officer claims that he attempted to stop a sedan, but the driver refused to stop. It is unclear why the stop was initiated.

The officer claims that the failure to stop sparked a pursuit that crossed into neighboring jurisdictions. It reportedly came to an end when the alleged driver, a 33-year-old woman, crashed on Interstate 81. Statements issued by the police department indicate that several different local agencies and the Virginia State Police participated in the incident.

In addition to the DUI charge, the Virginia woman faces several others, including driving with a suspended license, felony eluding, possession of a controlled substance, reckless driving and possession of a controlled substance. Following her arrest, she was held with no bond. Unfortunately, an incident like this could have serious implications on the rest of the person’s life without an experienced professional guiding them through the process. With such help, those facing accusations of drunk driving often feel more confident in their ability to respond to law enforcement claims.