Your Education Makes the List of Things in Jeopardy with a DUI

It was a harrowing experience when that officer pulled you over for driving under the influence, but it may pale in comparison to what it could do to your education.

Driving under the influence (DUI) in Georgia could cost you about $10,000 in fines and fees, but the real cost may be to your college career. Even while the process is ongoing, you may start to see the consequences pile up.

Learning lessons

You probably won’t just be in trouble with the law:

  • Financial aid: You might not be paying for college on your own, and any help from the government could be at risk. Federal assistance could be in jeopardy if an officer charges you with a DUI.
  • Scholarships: The body that oversees your scholarship could hold you to a high standard to receive their help. They might have a clause in your agreement that says they can rescind the award if you get a court date.
  • Housing: If you live on campus, legal trouble could turn into housing trouble. Your university could have language in their housing contracts that state any serious criminal issues mean they can remove you from living arrangements provided by the school.
  • Expulsion: Universities often have a code of conduct. Even getting charged with a crime could be a violation. You may be subject to a hearing at the school, which could lead to consequences like suspension or expulsion.
  • Licensing: Some jobs after college will require you to get a license before you can practice your occupation. That profession likely has an oversight board, and that board may not look kindly on criminal convictions.

Don’t let your education suffer because of a DUI. Knowing the possible ramifications of a DUI can be the first step toward avoiding them.