Immigration and Naturalization

Led by Kenneth J. Lasky, the Immigration and Naturalization Group offers counsel and advice to clients dealing with the ever-growing concerns of international business and the need to recruit the best talent available from around the globe.

MGLS serves a diverse immigration client base, including large international corporations, smaller companies and businesses, and individuals. Our firm has represented thousands of clients in various immigration matters. Regardless of the size or type of client, each case receives the necessary time and attention needed to achieve the desired goal. Our services include a range of methods to obtain permanent resident status. These include employer-sponsored cases, which often involve the labor certification process or multinational executive and managerial transferees and family sponsored petitions based on a relationship to a United States citizen or permanent resident.

MGLS also assists clients seeking to obtain temporary status through a variety of types of classifications, including H-1B specialty occupations, L-1 intracompany transferees, TNs under NAFTA, and R-1 religious workers.